About Us

About Us ImageInclusivED is a private consultancy that provides services on the NDIS. It was started with the aim of supporting and advocating for children and young people with additional needs to pursue inclusive regular mainstream services in Education, Employment, Training and Community Services.

Over the years, InclusivED has grown and continues to provide a range of supports to families as well as participants on the NDIS. We work closely with all our participants and their families using strategy, education, evidence, expertise and advocacy to get the best outcomes when planning, implementing and reviewing NDIS plans. We see this as a journey not a destination.

We are with you from the early stages of pre-planning to reviewing the year in hindsight. As soon as we receive a plan, we get right into it to be smart, flexible and creative. We explore opportunities, scout around for innovative ways of building alliances and networks, connect with new projects to measure the length and breadth of services and providers in the field.

We navigate through plans by using the NDIS price guide as our roadmap to opportunity when building capacity to self-manage. We are in this industry not just because we want to make a change “for the better”, but because we want to see “better” happen right before our eyes and work to be a values-driven and values-based business.

We care about our costs, efficiency and effectiveness and that’s why we choose to stay small, so that we hold our heads high with our credibility, ingenuity and intuitiveness, to work with all – families, participants, networks and services to create a community of best practice that is collaborative, reliable and adaptable. As a registered NDIS provider we provide supports that are aligned to the NDIS outcome frameworks.

InclusivED constantly seeks to challenge the notions of ‘deficit’, ‘special’ and ‘competitive individualism’.