InclusivED is a private consultancy. Our website aims to inform you about who we are, what we do, what services we offer, our expertise and our role in supporting participants on the NDIS. Information provided is exclusive to our consultancy and our services.

All information of providers and services that are available for the general public are included as a means of information sharing so that participants are aware of organisations, advocacy bodies, service providers, networks and alliances that are all stakeholders on the NDIS.

InclusivED aims to build a community of practice that engages all providers as part and parcel of the role of serving the community we live in. We do not endorse a specific organisation nor do we promote services of any one specific organisation.

All information provided on this website is reviewed frequently and updated. If you need any further explanations or information about a specific part or page on this website please contact InclusivED by clicking here.