Access and Eligibility

InclusivED is a small private consultancy providing services to families on a much smaller level compared to larger organisations. The aim is to provide a credible, honest and professional service that takes into account:

  • The Goals of the Individual Participant
  • The Services required by the Participant
  • Setting up all preliminary information for Participants that meets the Human Service standards as prescribed by the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Completing all Administrative tasks associated with NDIS regulations

InclusivED caters to a smaller community of practice in order to be accountable to both Participant and Government. InclusivED will not service a Participant if it cannot provide a professional service.

It is for this reason that InclusivED will work primarily with Participants from the Southern and Inner East regions who need support with pursuing an Inclusive Education, needing support at home to lead independent lives, needing support in the community to access recreational and educational activities and needing support and training to transition to TAFE/University/Apprenticeships.

The need for Education Support, Personal Care Services and Parent Advocacy has been in demand. The support a child gets at home and community plays a significant role promoting inclusion. InclusivED aims at training Parents, Carers and Support staff to allow the Participant to develop the confidence and skills needed to express their wishes, needs and aspirations.

InclusivED promotes the Inclusive schooling agenda through its work with Participants and families. Priority for access to support is given to Participants needing assistance at home to pursue an Inclusive schooling.

InclusivED primarily works with Children and Young people including adults with a disability needing support at work or in employment situations.