Support Coordination

Support coordination is a capacity building support to implement all supports in a Participant’s plan, including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports.

What tasks do we do as a Support Coordinator?

We work with you to creatively and resourcefully help you to use your support budgets to achieve your goals listed in your NDIS plan.

Tasks include (but not restricted to):

  • Explore and assess a number of mainstream, community, informal and provider options that you may need to achieve your goals
  • Choose preferred options or providers who can provide the services you need
  • Negotiate services to be provided and their prices
  • Develop service agreements and create service bookings with preferred providers
  • Arrange any assessments required to determine the nature and type of funding required (e.g. assessment to determine the type of complex home modifications required)
  • Decide the budget for each support type and advise any relevant plan manager of the breakdown of funds
  • Strengthen and enhance your capacity to coordinate supports, self-direct and manage supports and participate in the community

Support Coordination enables you to:

  • Maximise the value for money you receive from your supports
  • Genuinely exercise your choice and control
  • Implement your plan
  • Have increased capacity to manage/direct your own supports
  • Have greater opportunities to explore and connect with community
  • Have the capacity of their informal support network strengthened
  • Be better able to use the NDIS Participant Portal myplace


  • Applying for a Review
  • Pre-Planning
  • Implementation of your NDIS Plan
  • Managing your NDIS Plan
  • Reporting – 8 week, 9 month
  • Preparing for End of Plan Reviews

*Our role is not to organise bookings for direct support, to roster support staff, or to advocate or act as your Plan Manager.

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