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InclusivED will Advocate for you

Advocacy is speaking up on behalf of a person. Victoria’s Disability Advocacy Resource Unit defines disability advocacy as “acting, speaking or writing to promote, protect and defend the human rights of people with disability”.

InclusivED is built by a team of advocates who understand the support and advocacy parents require.

This understanding is built over the many years working in the disability sector and a lifetime of lived experience with people with a disability.

To support parents, we provide a wide range of services including:

Training for carers and parents in matters related to caring for a person with a disability

Making phone calls, enquiring and advocating on your behalf if you are unable to voice your concerns

Addressing areas of concern and collaborating with schools to address the rights of all children when pursuing inclusive schooling

Attending and accompanying parents to meetings when support is needed

Support writing formal letters and enquiries to schools, government bodies and community organisations to request change.

Creating awareness, understanding and change by sharing experiences and calling the system to accountability

Making referrals to services that can provide help and support for addressing specific issues

NB: This service is offered only to Participants who are not Support Coordinated by InclusivED

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