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Cancellation Policy

Support and Assistance

Support and Assistance

InclusivED is an independent private consultancy and support provider under the ownership of Lorraine Rodrigues. All participants require regular and consistent support. The feeling of trust and confidence in their support staff is extremely important when accessing educational opportunities, participating in civic and social engagements and promoting learning on all fronts.

For this reason, InclusivED aims to meet the support needs of every family that currently uses its services.

The cancellation policy is one of the many measures put in place to sustain the role of staffing and continuity of care. A support staff’s role is valuable, and the support needs of all participants must be considered when rostering so that no one is disadvantaged. For this reason, the following procedures have been put in place:

  1. Priority for rostering is given to those participants who have a regular weekly/fortnightly/monthly booking.
  2. Shifts that are cancelled with 24-hours-notice, will not incur any fees.
  3. Shifts that are cancelled with less than 24-hours-notice will be invoiced at the hourly rate as per the Schedule of Fees for the total booking.
  4. Shifts will be invoiced for the hours booked regardless of if the shift was terminated earlier than the booked time.
  5. It is the responsibility of the participant or the participant’s representative to inform InclusivED if the participant is sick including minor colds, coughs, flu etc.). InclusivED will choose to withdraw or attend the booking based on an informed decision regarding best interest of both participant/s and support staff.

Cancellations and “no shows” for scheduled supports

If regular bookings are cancelled on more than 4 occasions in a given financial year, InclusivED has the right to book in other participants on that booking. InclusivED will notify the participant that he/she is at risk of not receiving the continued support.

No fee is payable by the participant, for cancellation of a booking by InclusivED due to the provider’s failure to deliver the agreed supports.

Home visits and meetings with participants for support coordination purposes do not incur a cancellation fee.

Updated 1st May 2021

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